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Re: KLBC: Paul Simon

From: "DloraH" <>
> > >meH is the bridge of a ship, that room where the captain sits in his
> chair
> > >and tells everyone what to do.  We don't have a word for the other kind
> of
> > >bridge that connects two separated areas.
> >
> > can we say "street over troubled water"?
> > how do we say "street"/"road"/"path"/"way"?
> We do have He "course, route".
> Not the best for street or path, but that's what many people use for now,
> depending on how it's being used.

Maybe that helps us with "bridge," though:

vIHqu'taHbogh bIQ Dung He
really moving water's area above route
route over moving water

I'm not happy with /vIHqu'taHbogh bIQ/ standing in for "troubled water"; I
think there should be something better than that.

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