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RE: KLBC: Paul Simon

> >> <bIQmey Senglu'moHpu' Dung meH'e'> <tamghach wab> je qonta'.
> >> He composed 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' and
> >> 'The Sound of Silence'.
> >meH is the bridge of a ship, that room where the captain sits in his
> >and tells everyone what to do.  We don't have a word for the other kind
> >bridge that connects two separated areas.
> Sorry for misuse of bridge, but it is obvious what I mean.

To english speaking humans.  A klingon would be a little confused.

> >I believe you intended -bogh instead of -chugh.
> HIja'. I am having trouble learning the prefixes and some of the
> suffixes. A teacher told me once that it is better to
> remember wrongly than to look it up, because it is necessary to
> learn to use memory instead of the dictionary.

That's why I never got around to updating my electronic version; it was too
easy to look up words; the brain didn't put in any effort.

> qawHa' lI' law', qawmoHlu'chu' lI' puS.
> I think this ditty sounds nicer in tlhIngan Hol.

I'm certain this isn't allowed, and I was going to say that the A and B in
the comparison had to be nouns; but I must be honest, when I looked it up,
the books only say "... A and B are the two things being compared ..."

Can someone else post the info I know is out there?

> >neH as "merely, only" follows the noun or verb it is modifying.
> OK. I am thinking in English word order.
> Could this not get confusing?
> DuHotlh neH neH. It only wants to scan you.
> Is that it only wants to SCAN you (not to attack you), or it only
> WANTS to scan you (it understands that it is not
> allowed).

Yes, there can be confusion.  Usually there's enough context.
I've also run into problems with pagh and wej.

DloraH, BG

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