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adverbials (was: naDev)

lab Andrew:

>qon SuStel:
>>/naDev/ is a noun.  It is not an adverbial. 
>SuStel's right. naDev means "hereabouts", "area around here". In fact,
>there's no reason at all that naDev couldn't be a subject or object.

SuStel's right when he says that /naDev/ is a noun. but that doesn't 
mean that /naDev/ isn't an adverbial. also /batlh/ is a noun and an 

i know that it's confusing to list "noun" (part of speech) and 
"adverbial" (part of sentence), but i tried to stick to the 
terminology of tkd (english version) the way that y'all described it 
to me.


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