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Re: qep'a'

ja' "Frederick Wilson" <>:
>    Where and when is qep'a',...

This year it's being held at the Radisson Valley Forge Hotel in King of
Prussia, Pennsylvania (basically in the Philadelphia area).  It begins
officially with the opening banquet at 6pm on Wednesday, July 31, and runs
through the morning of Sunday, August 4.

Information is on the web, /stuff/qepa.html

> is there a registration fee or other charges,

It looks like pre-registration closed July 1.  There's a daily rate of $10
listed on the web site.  There's a separate fee for the banquet, but I'm
pretty sure it's too late to get on the list now.

> costume or dress code,

Some attendees wear Klingon garb for the entire conference, others for a
day or two (or even just for the few hours of the qep'a' Cabaret).  Some
are content just to wear a t-shirt with a pithy statement like {yIH
luHoHlu'meH QaQ Hoch jaj}.  But there's no "dress code" besides that
imposed by the hotel (e.g. no swimsuits in the lobby, etc.).

One visitor a couple of years ago showed up in Federation uniform,
apparently expecting to find a Star Trek convention.  When he understood
more of what was going on, he quietly left, but not before giving a Vulcan
salute and wishing everyone "Live long and prosper."

> language restriction (tlhIngan-only event[s]),

qep'a' is intended to be accessible to people of all skill levels.  The
"events" do stress using Klingon, and someone who knows none of the
language will probably be completely lost in a game of {pegh mu'}, but
there are usually people around who would be happy to translate the
{qaDHommey} or assist in the questions and/or answers for {'Iv jIH}.

There will be special "beginners classes" Thursday and Friday mornings.

>and is it open to Terrans without Klingon rank, club, or guild?

It's open to anyone (who pays).

-- ghunchu'wI'

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