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wot <tatlh>

wot <tatlh> vIyajchu'be'. jIqeqmeH 'op mu'tlhegh vIghItlh. mujchugh 
mu'tlheghmey tIlughmoH.

1/ paq vIngIp. vIlaDta'DI' vItatlh.
   [I borrowed/will borrow a book.
    As soon as I read/have read it I will return it.]

2/ jupwI'vo' paq vIngIp. vIlaDta'DI' ghaHvaD vItatlh.
   [I borrowed/will borrow a book from my friend.
    As soon as I read it I will return it to her.]

3/ yaHwIjDaq jItatlh'eghnIS.
   [I need to return to my duty station]


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