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Re: maDISnIS'a'?

ja' Andrew Strader <>:
>Most of us do Klingon for the sheer enjoyment of it,...

tlhIngan Hol ghojmeH paghna''e' raDlu'.  tIvbe'chugh vay', bupba'qu'.

>It's fun to fantasize about a Klingon language. There is an internal
>conceptualization (i.e. there are aliens out there and we are learning their
>language -- very cool) and an external conceptualization (there's some guy
>who was hired by a corporation to create a language to lend verisimilitude to
>a product, and we're learning THAT -- quite dull).

qetlhbe'qu' vIt jay'.

tlhIngan Hol 'oghlu'.  qar.  'ach qay'be' -- Dajqu'mo' tlhIngan Hol.  cha'
meqmeymo' vIlo'.  wa':  pImqu' tlhIngan Hol; yabwIj qaD.  cha':  Daj
lujatlhbogh latlhpu'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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