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Re: Future tense/"going to"

> The phrase I'd like to translate is "I'll kill you"(plural) or "I'm
> going to kill you". The stem would be SaHoH, but that seems to mean
> something like "At the moment I am killing you".

Since your blade is not yet in my chest, I can presume that you are not killing 
me in present tense or past tense, making the sentence "I WILL kill you".

> So, is there a simple way of saying it, or would I have to rephrase it
> using "tugh"(soon) or related?

Adding tugh is no more 'rephrasing' than adding -choH or anything else.  What's 
wrong with using tugh?  That's what it's for.

tugh SaHoH  "soon I will kill you"

If it's further away than 'soon', then specify when.  If you don't know when, 
then just say  SaHoH  with the explaination I give above.

DloraH, BG

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