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Future tense/"going to"

I hope that hasn t been discussed/answered already - if so, I
apologize.(BTW: Is there a simple way to search the mail archive?)

I've got a question(what a surprise):

I know that klingon does not have times as we know them from english or
german, yet they have ways to indicate if an action is completed(i.e.
-pu') or not.

What I would like to know is if there is a way to indicate that an
action will happen in near future, but NOT starting immediately. The
verb suffix -choH means something similiar, but as I understand it, it
means an immidiate change as well as a turnaround of 180 degree(so to

The phrase I'd like to translate is "I'll kill you"(plural) or "I'm
going to kill you". The stem would be SaHoH, but that seems to mean
something like "At the moment I am killing you". I could use -choH to
make SaHoHchoH, but that would mean "I begin to kill you"(according to
pojwI'), also -choH means a change of state, therefore indicating that
I am killing them just in the second I say it - or at least that's my
impression of it.

So, is there a simple way of saying it, or would I have to rephrase it
using "tugh"(soon) or related?


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