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Re: latlh "startrek" Quj

I couldn't fall asleep, so I started thinking
jIQonglaHchu'be'mo' jIQubchoH.
(it's weird that I only start to think, when I should sleep; usually when I need to think, I fall 
asleep :-)

Am 17.07.2002 00:41:45, schrieb Quvar valer <>:
>I would have said
>{naH lo' ghIlghameS chenmoHmeH paq chenmoHwI'}
>because of the word order OVS
>You said S,OV.

Maybe you said "OVS, OVS":

>> 'ej ghIlghameS chenmoHmeH paq chenmoHwI', naH lo'
O: ghIlghameS 
V: chenmoHmeH 
S: paq chenmoHwI'

O: naH 
V: lo'
[S: ghaH]

"And the book-maker, in order to form Gilgamesh, he uses *apple."

or more fluent:
"To make Gilgamesh, the bookbinder uses *apple."

I think *now* I got it! :-)


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