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Re: RE: latlh "startrek" Quj

Am 17.07.2002 00:09:53, schrieb "DloraH" <>:

>paqwIj chenmoHbogh Suy'e'.
>naH lo' Suyvetlh.
>paqmey chenmoH Suyvetlh.
>paqwIj chenmoHmeH Suyvetlh, naH lo' Suyvetlh.

Now I understand. You wrote:
DaH vIyaj.bIghItlh:
>'ej ghIlghameS chenmoHmeH paq chenmoHwI', naH lo';

paq chenmoHwI' ghaH Suyvetlh'e'.
That merchant is a book-maker.

ghIlghameS chenmoHmo', ghIlghameS chenmoHmeH paq chenmoHwI' ghaH.
Because he makes Gilg, he is a book-maker to make Gilg.

'ej naH lo' ghaH.
And he uses *apple*.

I would have said
{naH lo' ghIlghameS chenmoHmeH paq chenmoHwI'}
because of the word order OVS
You said S,OV.

qaq nuq?


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