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Re: KLBC: (was: RE: "startrek" tlhIngan Quj)

From: "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>
> >maHvaD napchu' pagh.
> This would be a neat extension of the prefix trick.  But if I remember
> correctly, the prefix trick requires a third-person direct object.

It does not.

When the indirect object (in this case, the hearer) is first or second
person, the pronominal prefix which normally indicates first or second
person object may be used.


qajatlh "I speak to you"

Sajatlh "I speak to you [plural]"

chojatlh "you speak to me"

(from Marc Okrand, post to MSN forum, 6/30/97)

So there are a couple of possibilities here.  On the one hand, you might try
to claim that for /maHvaD napchu' pagh/, /maHvaD/ is not an indirect object,
though it is a beneficiary, and therefore does not fall under the prefix
trick.  I suspect this is splitting hairs that don't exist in Klingon.
/maHvaD/ is /maHvaD/.  A Klingon doesn't stop to decide whether you mean it
as an indirect object or another kind of beneficiary.

Another possibility is that you really can prefix-trick this.  */nunapchu'
pagh/.  I REALLY don't think this is true.

Finally, and I suspect this is the case, the prefix trick simply doesn't
work with verbs of quality.

This still leaves the question of whether you can say something like
*/qaQong/ "I sleep for you."  I don't think that works, either, though it
might be suggestive of the "an indirect object, not just any kind of
beneficiary" argument.

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