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Re: latlh "startrek" Quj

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 09:57:47AM -0400, wrote:
> Some english words have multiple meanings.
> Likewise, some klingon words also have multiple meanings.
> DaH is both "now" and "array".
> If it's being used as "array", most likely it would be the second noun in a 
> noun-noun construction.  The first noun telling what kind of array it is.
> If it's being used as "now", it would usually come at the beginning of the 
> sentence. 

OK, thanx, I see. So Worf's *HIv DaH* was not correct again, like many
tlhIngan sentences in Star Trek ;-)

My only problem was that only meaning "now" of *DaH* was presented by
*mu' HaqwI'*.

- Gábor (larta'H)

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