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Re: latlh "startrek" Quj

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 07:48:39PM -0400, DloraH wrote:
> > >Q 95, Q 98, Q 2000, Q SDp, Linux je lo' De'wI' DaHwIj.
> > De'wI' DaH?
> > nuHmey qel mu'vam reH 'e' vIHar. jImuj'a'?
> So'wI' DaH  -  Cloak Array
> begh DaH  -  Deflector Array
> pIvghor lIngwI' DaH  -  Warp Generation Array
> pIvchem lIngwI' DaHmey: cha'  -  Warp Field Generation Arrays: 2

Hmmm. Seeing show 'StarTrek DS9' [episode *qeylIs betleH* as far as I can
remember], I heard Worf said *HIv DaH*. With the help of program *mu'
HaqwI'*, I got the translation "attack now". Now I don't understand. If
*DaH* means "now", *So'wI' DaH* wouldn't mean "Cloak Array". Or what about the word *DaH*?
What have I missed? [sorry for my possibly stupid question in advance]

- Gábor

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