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Re: romanization

>> btw: "glass" - "HIvje'" does it mean only the container "glass" or 
>> also the material "glass"?
>Only the container for drinking; whatever the material.  Glass, metal, plastic, 

HIvje' n. glass; A container from which drinks are consumed is a HIvje'. This word is used for any sort of drinking 
vessel: glass, cup, mug, stein, goblet, tumbler, and so on. If necessary, HIvje' can also be used to refer to 
drinking vessels normally not associated with Klingon culture - for example, crystal stemware. Since certain drinks 
are typically associated with certain containers, saying the type of drink plus HIvje' indicates the type of cup or 
glass as well: 
'Iw HIq HIvje' bloodwine glass, 
qa'vIn HIvje' coffee mug, 
baqghol HIvje' bahgol cup. 

Unless specified further, HIq HIvje' liquor glass usually means a tankard or stein for beer or ale; 

HIvje' bom n. drinking song; 

reH HIvje'lIjDaq 'Iwghargh Datu'jaj! 
May you always find a bloodworm in your glass!

(exctract from my mu'ghom I'm working on)


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