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RE: KLBC: adverbs

> > DIvI' Hol pab permey Dalo'chugh mu'mey 'Iq ngaS tetlhlIj.
> qatlh mu'mey 'Iq?
> Why too many words?

To be a grammatical sentence you will need a verb.  ('Iq is acting as an
adjective here.)

qatlh 'Iq mu'mey?

What you have does match the english.

> >'op mu'meyvaD per "adverb" lulo'be' DIvI' Hol pab po'wI'pu'.
> mu'vam DateqnIS:
> "adverb" bIHbe' net Sov. chuvmey bIH ponglu'.
> Of course they are not adverbials, they are "other words".
> 'ach *TKD*Daq mu' "adverb" lo'mo' MO, "adverbs" tetlh vIgher.
> But in TKD MO calls them "adverbs", that's why I make an "adverb"-list.

I think she's saying that some of the words you included are not adverbs.
And, if you're going to put the word in quotes, it's "adverbial".

> chaq TKD VIlaDnISqa'.
> maybe I should read TKD again.

p56 and 177.

My list of adverbials (I make grouped lists also) has 34 words.

DloraH, BG

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