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KLBC: adverbs

naDev KLBC vIghItlh.
taghwI' jIHbe', 'a jIbachHa'chugh HIchuHneS!
I wrote KLBC in the subject line.
I am not a beginner, but I would like to know my mistakes.

Am 12.07.2002 19:01:45, schrieb "Agnieszka Solska" <>:
> DIvI' Hol pab permey Dalo'chugh mu'mey 'Iq ngaS tetlhlIj. 
qatlh mu'mey 'Iq? 
Why too many words?

2800 mu'mey ghaj tlhIngan Hol tetlhwIj.
In my Klingon-English list I have about 2800 words. (anyone has the exact number?)

3300 latlh je mu'mey ghaj DIvI' Hol tetlhwIj.
in my English-Klingon list there are more than 3300 words.

DaH latlh ghojmeH tetlhmeyDaq vIgher.
Now I compile other lists to learn from.

'a DaH qayajchoHchu'. "adverb" tetlhwIj Daqel, qar'a'.
Now I understand you. You talk about my adverbslist.

mu' tetlhwIj naQ Daqel 'e' vIHarpu'.
I thought you meant my whole word list.

pa' mu' ghommey vIchen.
There I form word-groups.

Hoch De' lI' vItay'moH: Ha'DIbaHmey, yuQmey, pongmey, moHaqmey, latlh je.
I collect useful information, like animals, planets, names, suffixes a.s.o.

>'op mu'meyvaD per "adverb" lulo'be' DIvI' Hol pab po'wI'pu'. mu'vam DateqnIS:
"adverb" bIHbe' net Sov. chuvmey bIH ponglu'. 
Of course they are not adverbials, they are "other words".

'ach *TKD*Daq mu' "adverb" lo'mo' MO, "adverbs" tetlh vIgher.
But in TKD MO calls them "adverbs", that's why I make an "adverb"-list.

>nuq  interrogative pronoun
nuqDaq je. just like "where"

loQ Qagh mu'ghomwIj. 'ach tugh 'e' mevbej! }};-)
There are still few mistakes in my dictionary. But this will be over soon.

bIlughbej jay'! You're damn right!
mu'ghomwIjDaq mu' <net>vaD DIp ponglu'. meq vISovbe'.
In my dictionary *net* is called as noun. I don't know why.

not DelmeH mu'meyvam vIQoy: coordinating conjunction
I have never heard that discription.

choQaHmo' qatlho'.
Thanx for your help.

chaq TKD VIlaDnISqa'.
maybe I should read TKD again.


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