tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Wed Jul 10 21:32:32 2002

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qep'a'vaD 'IwHIq HIvje'

peqIm qep'a' jeSwI'pu'!
Quch tlher Segh baS 'IwHIq HIvje' boneH'a'?
HIrI'.  cha' qelI'qam chuqDaq Suy tu'lu'.

For those that are going to qep'a', if any of you want one (or more) of
those metal cups that the bumpy headed guys use in that nifty
science-fiction show, let me know.  The distributer is three miles from my

*Disclaimer:  These cups will be available outside of qep'a' territory.  I
did not use in this message the words "klingon", "StarTrek", "sell" or
anything else that might get me in trouble.


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