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Re: Translating vs. Thinking

In a message dated 6/15/2002 11:48:17 AM Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

> If I remember correctly, Steve Krashen proposed a theory of language 
> learning similar to this; where students were not supposed to use the 
> language until they were confortable with it, until they could think in it. 
> And it does work, but it's extremely slow.  I doubt most people have to 
> patience to wait until they can think in the language; it takes so long for 
> them to be able to think anything they actually want to communicate that 
> (in 
> my experience) this limiter on thoughts acts more as a discouragement than 
> an inspiration.

David Tracy Terrill and James Asher proposed the Natural Approach and Total 
Physical Response.  I do not completely agree with waiting 17 weeks while 
hearing the language before beginning to speak.  I learned Chinese 
(putonghua) at the Defense Language Institute by the Audio Lingual Method, a 
total immersion technique.  'ej mIwvam vItIvbej.

DaH cha' mIwmeyvam vIDuDchu'.  TPR ALM je bIH.  taghDI' ghojwI', Hol chu' 
lo'.  mu'tlheghmey pab ngeD qeq.  'ej Qaghmey lughmoH ghojmoHwI'.  
ghojchoHpu'DI', latlh mu'mey ghoj ghaH 'e' vIchaw'.  latlh pab chutmey vIlIq. 
 'ach, potlhqu' wa' qech:  taghDI' ghojwI', Hol chu' lo'nIS 'ej lo'nIStaH.


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