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Re: Translating vs. Thinking

In a message dated 6/15/2002 8:38:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 

> I disagree.  Translating your ideas is a poor way to practice, because it 
> encourages you to think in your own language.  Much better is to examine 
> the available vocabulary and grammatical structures in the new language and 
> see what sentences those inspire.  That is the beginning of thinking in the 
> new language.  Once you are thinking in the new language, even the most 
> limited thoughts, that is the greatest inspiration to learn more, because 
> you have a LIMITER on your THOUGHTS, that limiter being your control of the 
> language.  That drives you to expand your control.
> Practice from inside the language, not from outside.

majQa', Qov!  jIQuchbe'chu' jay'.  mIwvam QaQ law' Hoch QaQ puS.  Hol chu' 
ghojDI' vay', Holvam lo'nIS.  mughchugh vay', lo'chu'be'.  Hoch mu' chu' 
ghojchoHDI', lo', Holvetlh jatlhwI' rur.  ghIq qeqmeH reH lo'taH.

pIj tlhIngan vIDalaw'.  tera'Daq jIboghpu' 'e' vISov.  tlhIngan nuvna' 
vImojlaHbe' 'e' vISov.  'ach rut tlhIngan rurbogh nuv jIH, vaj jIQubmeH 
tlhIngan Hol neH vIjatlh 'e' vInID.  chaq taghDI' vay', mu'tlheghmey ngeD 
jatlhnIS.  'ach DublaH.

batlh yIghojjaj 'ej yIghojmoHjaj.


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