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Fwd: Klingon

Forwarded query; I've already mentioned the teach-yourself tapes.

>From: Chelsea L Dye <>
>Hello there,
>My name's Chelsea. I just looked at your site for Klingon, and I think
>it's awesome! Did you do the audio clip for Hamlet?
>I'd like to ask you where there might be found more Klingon audio
>materials, (I.E. an unabridged dictionary, books, etc.) That's an
>accessible format to me--print wouldn't be an option, because I'm blind,
>and I don't know anyone that can read Klingon! LOL
>I would appreciate any help you can offer.
>Thanks again,
[][][][]                   [][][][][][][][][][]                [][][][]
Dr Nick Nicholas.
                   University of Melbourne:
     Chiastaxo dhe to giegnissa, i dhedhato potemu,
     ma ena chieri aftumeno ecratu, chisvissemu.    (I Thisia tu Avraam)

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