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Re: romanization

Andrew Strader lab:

>  >once i had the same idea. when i began to compile my vocabulary list,
>>i used this alphabet, in order to avoid the shift key:
>Interestingly, the system that I devised is very similar to the one you
>D -> d
>S -> s
>I -> i
>H -> x
>q -> k
>Q -> q
>Tox, pat vi'oghbogh rurku' pat da'oghbogh. Ghaytan niv degh dupvam, 'ach
>lo'chu'mex keknislu'. Bong latlh pat kawlu'di', pij degh lughbe' lo'la'. "'"
>degh chaw'xa' de'wi' pong patmey law'. Ngugh "'" vitammex "z" "7" ghap vilo'.
>Rex "7" vilo' tlhingan xol vilo'taxvis 'ej jighuntaxvis. Su', chay'
>deghmeyvam botu'? 'Ix kar'a'? ;)

the system you invented really resembles the system i invented.
likely this strategy superior symbols, but one has to practise it in
order to use it perfectly.
by accident as one remembers an additional system, often one can use
*not to be right* symbol.
many computer systems' names deny the symbol "'".
then i use 'z' or '7' in order to exchange "'".
always when i go on using the klingon language i use '7'.
ready, how do you use these symbols?
it's beautiful and accurate?)

<'> vilo'.
(i use "'".)

<'>vaD 'IHbe' <7> <z> je.
("7" and "z" aren't beatiful for "'")

but it confuses me that that "q" becomes "k" and "Q" becomes "q".
then you could have changed "H" to "h" and modify "ch", "tlh" and
"gh" in order to avoid confusions.

and i think that the "Q" is more strange than a "q" (is it?), so one
should use a more strange letter for "Q" than for "q". in fact, the
letter "k" in english is less often than "q".

in italian you often use "'" in order to describe the accent of the last vowel:

felicitÓ -> felicita'

btw: i wouldn't use the shift key in the beginning of a klingon
frase. it was the very sence of it not to use it, right?

>lurDech vIvuvqangmo' pat motlh'e' vImaS. 'op Qu' le'mo' rut pat vIchoHnIS, 'a

(i prefer the usual system in order to respect *lurDegh*.
i have to change from time to time the system in order to be special
to some task, but it doesn't matter.)

did i understand this? hm...

i'd also respect the MO-system unless one finds a perfect solution
for all (which won't occur).


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