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Re: romanization

> >once i had the same idea. when i began to compile my vocabulary list,
> >i used this alphabet, in order to avoid the shift key:
>Interestingly, the system that I devised is very similar to the one you

At this point switching systems would put us in the same position as Chinese 
speakers during the switch from Wade-Giles to Pinyin for their romanization. 
  Things would be extremely confusing for quite a long time.  (In fact, 
people are still converting Chinese documents to Pinyin today.)  Now, if we 
had a major world government willing and able to enforce its will on an 
extremely large population, we could ride out the confusion.  But we have 
relatively few speakers and no central authority (other than Okrand, who 
isn't willing to change the writing system).  So I don't think the Klingon 
speaking community would survive intact.  We'd factionalize into groups, the 
purists on one hand and supporters of myriad different 'improved' writing 
systems on the other.

So my vote on a new Romanization system is no.  (Not that anybody's vote but 
Okrand's actually counts.)

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