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Re: RE: word-question

Am 03.07.2002 12:00:03, schrieb Stephan Schneider <>:

>well, it's exactly what i've written. unfortunately, i wrote it wrong. ;)
>i even wrote: "in that area at that movie, which is aware of a 
>walker" or something like that. :(
Ah, okay, I see. So more like:

{"movie"vetlhDaq yoSDaq, yItwI' yep tu'lu'bogh}
"in an area in that movie, where the careful walker is found"
(BG: is that correct?)

>but how do you say "in a language"?
completely different, using a verb like {lo'} "use":
{tlhIngan Hol lo'lu'DI' wotmey law' tu'lu'}
"In Klingon there are many verbs"
(when one uses Klingon language one uses many verbs)

>>e.g. "it is dangerous if you walk in the zone"
>pa'Daq yItlu'chugh Qob.
{pa'Daq} is "in the room"
"there(abouts)" is just {pa'}
{pa' yItlu'chugh Qob nuq?}
"if one walks there what is dangerous?"

General question: Can Qob stand alone to say "it is dangerous (doing something)", or should we just add a 
noun, like {Qob wanI'} or {Qob ghu'}. Like the canon
{DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI' ghu'} "... when there is danger"


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