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Re: Philosophy: QubwI' *HeraqlIt

> >/vIHtaH Hoch/ is simply "everything is continuously moving"; not necessarily 
> >going anywhere, but there is motion of some kind.
> >
> >Anyway, the english of the greek is just as misleading.
> Yes. But what I would like to know if that is really like that in greek.
> Does the expression "panta rhei" 
> really talk about things that "move", or more generally things changing?
> bIlugh 'e' vISovbejbe'.
> *greek* Hol mughlu'DI', jatlh'a' <vIH Hoch> pagh jatlh'a' <choH Hoch>?

(from previous message:)
> But when you translate it literally, what does that mean?

I thought you where asking about the klingon.  qayajHa'.  I don't know anything 
about the greek.

DloraH, BG

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