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RE: *Daghajbogh HInob* (?)

> > ?{Dajatlhbogh vIyaj}?
> > "I understand what you say"
> >
> > ?{vIghajbogh qanobQo'}?
> > "I refuse to give to you what I have"
> >
> > answering my own question, I would say:
> > No, since the prefix used indicates an object.
> > I probably need to add something, like
> > {'e' Dajatlhbogh vIyaj} and {Doch vIghajbogh qanobQo'}
> We do have an example of this, /Dajatlhbogh vIyajbe'/ "I don't understand
> what you said," (I think that's what it was) from the Star Trek Klingon
> game.  However, the sound file was not part of the game or
> language lab, so no one's quite sure what to do with it.

> > Can a verb with bogh be used as an object?

A verb, no.  What this looks like is that the optional pronoun has been

('oH) Daghajbogh HInob.

Sounds a little weird, but grammatical.

> Better to always have a stated head noun for a relative clause.



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