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Re: question #5 'more x than y'

Am 01.07.2002 20:14:55, schrieb "Agnieszka Solska" <>:

>chay' mu'tlhegh <<SaH Sormey law', SaH be'pu' puS>> pojlaH vay'?
>"comparative" 'oHbe'bej mutlheghvam'e' 'ach mujbe' je. naDev cha' 
>mu'tlheghmey tu'lu':

Yes, you're right. I never said anything about "comparitives".
I don't want to compare the quality of something, it's the quantity.
The only "quality" I'm talking about is the number.

My question was how to say
"There are more Xs than Ys"
"Xs Q is more than Ys Q"

Anyway, your (pl.) comments helped me a lot.


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