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Re: question #2

mu'tlheghvam mugh 'e' nID Quvar:

    "the most beautiful place of our city"


1/ vengmajDaj Daqvam 'IH law' Hoch 'IH puS.
2/ naDev 'IH law' Hoch 'IH puS.     (DIp 'oH {naDev}'e')
3/ naDevwIj 'IH law' Hoch 'IH puS.
4/ 'IHqu' Daqvam.
5/ 'IH Daqvam.
6/ 'IH!    (mu'mey puS jatlhlaH tlhIngan, mu'mey law' lo'be', qar'a'? {{;-))


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