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Re: question #5 'more x than y'

Am 01.07.2002 18:52:14, schrieb "Will Martin 6863" <>:

>> Still on the beach, there were not many girls.
>> Actually, I could see "more trees than girls"
>> without thinking, I wrote:
>> {Sormey SaH law', be'pu' SaH puS}
>> Then I wrote:
>> {SaH Sormey law', SaH be'pu' puS}
>> I think the latter is the better...
>N1 Q law' N2 Q puS. That's the pattern for comparatives. 
Yes, but that's for 'Q'ualities.
So if I take {be many} as the quality verb, then - according to the pattern - it should look like that:
{Sor law' law', be' law' puS}
"the tree's several is many, the lady's several is few."

>examples again. The second one doesn't follow this pattern at all. The 
>first one does. 
>We have no canon or rules to justify your second example.
Well, the second one is actually two senteces "many trees are present. Few ladies are present". 
I could also say it like {Sormey law' tulu'. be'pu' puS tu'lu'.}


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