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Re: RE: pabmey nap pagh napHa'

Am 29.06.2002 04:39:26, schrieb "DloraH" <>:

>We believe that it is apparently evolved from /ngagh/.  Only a time machine
>and watching it evolve would tell for certain.

There are other words that look like abbreviations, like Qapla' "succes" can (historically) come from 
QaplaH "can succeed".
Here's some other that I know, and of course as we know there is not really a "history" behind this (MO 
set it up like that), and most of those are just a coincidence.

ghe''or / ghe'tor (netherworld)
Heghba' / Heghbat (ritual suicide)
HIja' and HISlaH (yes)
ja' and jat (speak/tongue)
all the possessive suffixes: -ma'/-maj, -ra'/-raj, -wI'/-wIj etc.
Qa' and Qaj (two different animals)
'e' / net (two types of "that")
'ejDo' / Duj (starship/vessel)

I do not want to start a discussion about if this is true or not, these are just some words that look like 
abbreviated from something.


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