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Re: KLBC: Klingon distress call (updated)

>> bortaS chenobHa'!  ("ungive us revenge!")

I was thinking nobHa' "give back". This isn't right, but that's why I made that mistake. *slap* *slap*

I wasn't sure what to do with revenge. For myself, I would think revenge to be a verb. "Wrong us, shall we not revenge." Revenge is a process or a procedure, not a thing in and of itself. I would use the verb ghob rather than the noun noH unless I were "going to war", making war more of a place than a thing.

However, in tlhIngan Hol, revenge is a noun. What is it really? And DloraH is right; what do you do with revenge? 

bortaS bIr jablu'DI'reH QaQqu' nay' 

This tells us. The proverb says that revenge can be served. Thus, revenge is something that is given. Thus to acquire or collect revenge would imply that one was on the receiving end of revenge. 

>> maHegh ("we are dead")

I wasn't sure it was necessary to try to say "by the time you get here we will have died" or "we are not actually dead, evidenced by this message, but we will be dying shortly". Given the Aspect section of TKD I thought that the tense would be assumed by the context of the sentence.

>> {qa'ma'vaD bortaS yISuq!} "Acquire revenge for our spirits"

I like this. But with my thoughts above, it might be more appropriate to say bortaS tInob, "give them revenge!" or, to alude to the proverb bortaS tIjab, "serve them revenge."

Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to include what I meant to say next time. I'm working on "Is that a torpedo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" but I'm having enough trouble with the first half that I'll probably just shelve it until I gather more experience. 


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