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Re: Is {rIn} transitive?

> CD version vatlhvI' DarInbogh yIngu'.

: Is {rIn} transitive?

ghobe'.  DujlIj tIvoqtaH.  ghItlhHa'ba' DloraH.

Although {rIn} "be accomplished, be finished" has never been used by itself in
a sentence, we do have Okrand's explanation of the exclamation {rIntaH} "It is
accomplished! It is done!" in TKD (p.41):

  "The meaning of {-ta'} can also be indicated syntactically. That is,
   instead of using the suffix {-ta'}, a special verbal construction
   can follow the verb which indicates the accomplished action. This
   special verb is {rIn} 'be finished, accomplished', and in this
   usage it always takes the suffix {-taH} 'continuous' ... and the
   third-person pronominal prefix (0). The resulting construction,
   {rIntaH}, literally means 'it continues to be finished' or 'it
   remains accomplished'. It is used to indicate that the action
   denoted by the preceding verb is a fait accompli: it is done, and
   it cannot be undone. 
     {luHoH rIntaH}  they have killed him/her, 
     {vIje' rIntaH}  I have purchased it. 
   The English translations of {rIntaH} and {-ta'} are usually the 
   same. The notion of absolute finality implied by {rIntaH} seldom
   comes across. It should be noted that {rIntaH} is sometimes used
   for dramatic effect even in cases when the action could be undone." 

A clipped {rIn} was also used in the sense of "over" in a voice-only subspace
radio exchange in ST6:

  Dujvetlh 'oH nuq?  rIn. 
  What ship is that?  [Over.] 

For the beginners:  Qualities (glossed as "be X" in TKD & KGT, sometimes called
"stative verbs" on this mailing list) are intransitive by their nature.  To
make a quality transitive, add {-moH} to it:  {boch/bochmoH}, {chen/chenmoH},
{DoH/DoHmoH}, etc.  

So you could say *{rInmoH} to "finish/accomplish (something)", but we have the
transitive verbs {ta'} "accomplish, do" and {ruch} "proceed, go ahead, do it"
available to "accomplish" that task. 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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