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Re: peD

lab peHruS
 > In a message dated 1/30/2002 5:40:12 PM Mountain Standard Time,
 > writes:
 > > CanadaDaq jIvum 'e' vImaS, 'ach mumogh muDvam. DaHjaj bIrqu'be', 'a
 > > nISbej muD Dotlh.
 > Qov is always so accurate that instead of assuming she has finally made a
 > mistake, I will merely ask if there is something I do not yet know. May 
I start
 > using {mogh} transitively?

jIqaghbej.  <mumoghmoH> vIghItlhnIS.  'ej mumoghmoH muD Dotlh.  muD vIlaj. :)

 > Qov's stories, reports, etc. are always a delight to read. I have 
learned so
 > much from Qov's clear writing and excellent use of tlhIngan Hol.

jabbI'IDvetlhmo' bIghojchugh bItuv.  juvmeH mu'mey vIlo'meH vIqon, 'ej 
laHvetlh vIDubnIS.

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