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Re: KLBC Re: peD

> > chIjwI' muD Dotlh ngoq vImugh:
> >
> > SuS Do:  pIvlob .000000015.
>tlhaQqu'.  jIHagh.

qelI'qammey vIlo' 'e' vInID 'ach kilometre 'aD'a' qelI'qam?  DIch vIghajbe'.

> > wa' qelIqam wa' bID qelIqam je leghlaH tu'wI'.
>wa' vI' vagh qelIqam leghlaH tu'wI'.

DIch vIghajbe'taH, 'ach jISaHbe'choHpu'.  'ej qelI'qam wIghItlhHa'.

> > 'engmey 'Iv:
>It took me a while to figure this one out.  I've never used this other 'Iv.

jIHvaD potlh. :)

> > Hat: tlhoS bIQ taDmoHlaH.
>Being at these temperatures, statements like this happen to work out quite
>well.  Farther from this point can be difficult.  Marc, we need a word for
>"unit for measuring temperature"  :P

mujangmeH, *Farenheit* Hatmey lo' nuv puS.  *Farenheit* vIyajbe'mo' jIHvaD 
mIwwIj lo'laH law' Farenheit lo'laH puS.

> > I'd appreciate any suggestions for better descriptions of these
> > measurements and units.
>Your terms certainly work.  Velocity measured at nine decimal places can be
>a little bothersome but it's all we have; unless you try to write out
>"qaStaHvIS wa' rep  qelIqammey lenglu'bogh" then add the numbers and try to
>put it into a sentence.  Perhaps abbreviate it qrql.  But this could be just
>as bothersome as nine decimal places...
>A note to those that don't know:  On my website I have a nifty conversion
>table.  cheb/kg/lbs and 'uj/cm/in.

'e' vISovbe' jIH.

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