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Re: Klingon WOTD: tlhatlh (n)

From: Agnieszka Solska
Subject: Re: Klingon WOTD: tlhatlh (n)
Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 3:52 PM


: HIja'. barszcz tu'lu'. je barszczyk (+ACI-barszcz mach+ACI-
: mu'vam 'ach yoSmeyDaq Soj pIm).
: Yes, there exists +ACI-barszcz+ACI-. And +ACI-barszczyk+ACI-, too (this word
: +AFs-means+AF0- +ACI-small barszcz+ACI-, but in many areas it is a different
: +AFs-sort of+AF0- food).

+AD4-nuqjatlh, Igorek+AD0-Aryehoy? +ACo-Polish Hol vIjatlhtaHvIS jIH
+AD4-mu' motlh 'oH +ACI-barszcz+ACI-'e', +ACo-barszcz+ACo-oy 'oS +ACI-barszczyk+ACI-.
+AD4AKg-Endearment version+ACo-mey law' ghaj HochHom Polish Hol DIpmey. +ACo-Endearment
+AD4-version+ACo- ghaj Polish Hol wotmey law' je.

vutwI' paqvo' (from the cook's book)+ADs- vImugh jIH'e.

Sorry, I could not find a single Klingon word for the following...

Barszcz: a red beet soup with meat, potatoes, cabbage, species+ADs- served hot.
Barszczyk: a red beet soup without meat+ADs- served cold (in summer time). In
Russian, this latter is called SVEKOL'NIK or BORSZCZOK.

The info can be verified at every other roadside cafe, also in Poland+ADs-
especially striking the difference is near Warsaw, where +ACI-barszczyk+ACI- without
meat is often served hot with cheese toast. I agree though that in most
cafes and restaurants the +ACI-endearment version+ACI- is used indiscriminately+ADs-
this has been the cause of many a dispute between myself and those who work

With respect,

Igor - for who it once was a surprise that in (Russian+ACE-) Siberia they call
fish soup SHCHI (in common Russian, the word means a sort of cabbage soup
with meat).

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