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Re: WarszawaDaq jIpaw Feb 04

Tuesday, January 29, 2002 3:38 PM ghitlh Agnieszka Solska
Subject: WarszawaDaq jIpaw Feb 04

+AD4-'op Hu' lab Aryeh ben Naphtali (a.k.a. Igor F.Naftul'eff):

+AD4-: WarszawaDaq jIpaw Feb 04 ...
+AD4-: pa' tu'lu' 'Iv?

+AD4-qavan, Aryeh+ACE-
I salute you, Aryeh+ACE-

+AD4-tlhIngan Hol Daqeqqangchugh Warszawa vIlengrup. Feb 04 jIvumnISbe'. ghorgh
I am ready to travel to Warszawa if you are willing to practice the Klingon
language. Feb 04, I need not work. When

+AD4-maghom'chuq? rep yIper+ACE- Sosnowiec vIDab vaj jIlengmeH +ACo-train vIlo'nIS.
shall we meet? Fix the hour+ACE- I live in Sosnowiec, so to go there, I will
have to take a train.

bIja' Sosnowiec DaDab'a'? qepmajvaD 271 kilometer DalengnIS
(Sosnowiec-Czestochowa 62+ADs- Piotrkow 76+ADs- Warszawa 141). Qo'. Feb 04, 09 po
rep Warszawa vipaw 'ach 14 rep vengvamvo' jigHoSnIS. 09:30-11:00 veng
ngo'Daq (+ACo-in the Old Town, Stare Miasto+ACo-) jIH (lengwI'pu'vaD vI'ang) 'ej
+ACo-bus+ACo-Daq Slubice maleng... jIpay.

Did you say you live in Sosnowiec? For us to meet you will have to travel
271 kilometer (62 to Czestochowa, 76 to Piotrkow, 141 to Warszawa). Do not
do it. Feb 04, at 09 in the morning, I arrive at Warszawa, but at 14:00 I
will have to leave the city. 09:30-11:00, I will be in the Old Town (showing
it to the tourists), - and off we go by bus, to Slubice... I regret.

+ADw-language switch into English+AD4-

I really do regret, but this is hardly worth the trouble. Traveling almost
300 km for a get-together two hours long max? Thank you a lot, of course,
but this is almost what I call exaggerration (+ACI-przesada+ACI- in Polish). Some
other time, maybe. The tourist season is about to start+ADs- I work for a travel
company, and take people to Europe (by bus) and Israel (by plane) on a
regular basis. Last summer, I passed Warsaw at least a dozen times. Among
the cities I frequent, there are Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam,
Dresden, Prague, Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. In Poland, we besides often
stop in Boleslawiec (by Zgorzelec+AD0-German Goerlitz). Anybody there?



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