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Re: WarszawaDaq jIpaw Feb 04


: I really do regret, but this is hardly worth the trouble. Traveling
: almost 300km  for a get-together two hours long max? Thank you a lot,
: of course, but this is: almost what I call exaggerration.

bIlughbej. 300km lengqang maw'wI' neH. 'ach jImaw'bej:  tlhIngan Hol 
vIqeqmeH chuqmey tIq vIlengrup.


: Some other time, maybe. The tourist season is about to start - I work
: for a  travel company, and take people to Europe (by bus) and Israel
: (by plane) on a regular basis.

bIlengtaHchugh wa' jaj chaq maghomchuq.


: Did you say you live in Sosnowiec? For us to meet you will have to
: travel 271 kilometer (62 to Czestochowa, 76 to Piotrkow, 141 to
: Warszawa).

loQ muj De'vam. *Sosnowiec*vo' *Warszawa*Daq lengmeH He pIm ghoS *train*. 
*Czestochowa* *Piotrkow* je nop. *Park Jurajski*  (Jurassic Park) juS. 
Do'Ha', pa' *dinosaur*mey leghluHbe'. naghmey ngemmey je
neH leghluH.

: Qapla'

bIlengtaHvIS tlhInganpu' law' Daghomjaj!


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