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RE: TOS Episodes with Klingons

DloraH wrote:
:>> "Friday's Child"--and we do hear the distress call. The unnamed
:>> Klingon on the planet's surface also says a few things.
:> *QaS* 'oH pongDaj'e'.  'oH jatlhlu'law'.  jatlhwI' vIngu'laHbe' lut
:> vIbejqa'be'chugh.
: I just finished watching that episode. We do hear the distress call, which
: is supposed to be from a Federation ship, but is a fake.  The Klingon says
: more than just a few things.  He probably says more than Koloth did. And I
: did not hear the name QaS anywhere; everyone kept calling him "Klingon".

Sometimes names only appear in the shooting script if the character is never
actually addressed by name in the episode.  Occasionally a name will be listed
in the end credits.  Does anyone want to look Kras up in the Star Trek

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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