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Re: KLBC: chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?

>{vIHarlaHbe'!  ta' qIp puqvetlh 'e' ngIl puq!}

ja' Voragh:
>though I would drop one of the {puqpu'} since it's a short sentence:
>  ta' qIp 'e' ngIl puqvetlh!

jatlh ghunchu'wI':
> qatlh reH mu' wa'DIch Danop?  qech yajmeH laDwI' DaloSmoH.
> Voragh, you consistently suggest that the *first* noun be dropped.  Do you
> really find it simpler that way?  I'd much rather get the information early
> than to have to wait for the rest of the words before I can know what the
> first phrase is talking about.

For what it's worth (and since it is my sentence), I agree with Voragh.  I 
first wrote {ta' qIp puqvetlh 'e' ngIl}, for the reason Voragh gives, but 
then considered that the subject of {ngIl} would be ambiguous if I didn't 
state it.  (Although, in reality, who would think it was the emperor who was 
daring to be hit by the child?)


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