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RE: pIqaD

qech mughermoH QInmeyvam

If we get an infinite number of MO's and an infinite number of visual
communication devices will we eventually get the restored works of
Shakespeare in pIqaD??



KLBC: Have I used [-moH] correctly in the sentence above???

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> From: Brown,JP,Jon,GXI1 BROWNJP R 
> > From: 
> >
> > I have read Lawrence's article "Some Comments on 
> > Orthography"  on the KLI site as well as what 
> > little Mark wrote concerning pIqaD in TDK.  
> > A direct quote from TDK, pg 11: 
> > "There is a native writing system for Klingon 
> > (called pIqaD) which seems to be well suited to 
> > the various dialects"    More follows, but AFAIAC 
> > this one comment by Okrand made pIqaD official in
> > MY mind.  
> The thing is I suppose, The word pIqaD is canon so 
> we know that Klingons have a writing system but not 
> what it is.. We have all seen the symbolism used 
> by the other MO on the show but as has been said 
> before this means nothing and represents no more 
> than a visual.. Okuda stated in HolQeD 1:1 that in 
> his mind Klingon i.e. his pIqaD is read from the 
> centre outwards but he just does what he feels will 
> look good (I haven't got the issue with me so please 
> feel free to read it and correct me).

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