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RE: [KLBC] I need help with a sentence

> I wanted to say "Hopefully you will understand why I denied your request"
> Do' qatlh bItlhobta' 'ach jIHeQbe'ta' 'e' Dayaj.

We have a word for "deny".

Do' is "fortunately", not "hopefully".  We have the verb tul "hope", which
you could use with 'e'.

> can I use {qatlh} like I did?)

No.  qatlh is a question word.  It turns the sentence into a question.
You might be able to use  meq  "reason" (n)

bItlhob.  jItem.  meqwIj Dayaj 'e' vItul.

Don't forget about the 'multiple sentence' option.

DloraH, BG

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