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Klingon alphabet -pIqaD

Now you've got me scratching my head.   I thought that pIqaD was now considered the official system of writing.   If it isn't, Then I will be sorely disappointed seeing as I am working on a project in hopes that it will be accepted by the KLI.  If pIqaD is considered the KLI 'official' writing system I would like to be informed.  If it is I'll continue my work for presentation.  If it is not, I will continue my work for myself.  
     Not being a linguistics expert myself, and as I consider pIqaD as the writing system for tlhIngan Hol, I don't see it as a sylabary with a combination of sounds for each character, as hiragana and katakana are in Japanese. Nor do I see it as a pictorial style of writing as Kanji (Chinese writing) is.   Not being knowledgeable enough in these matters, I see it as an alphabet with each letter having it's own specific sound.
For those unfamiliar with pIqaD, tlh  is one letter. Q  and q are two entirely different letters and have a different sound. ng is one letter.
Cat  >^..^<

You said:
However, there is no such official system.  We don't even have a Klingon
writing system!  When we write things in Klingon, we're using a romanized
system that represents the sounds of Klingon, not their writing system.  We
know very little about their writing system(s).  We don't even know if it's
an alphabet!  (Marc Okrand seems to think it isn't.)  Klingons never use the
romanized system, and so have no names for the symbols.  (For instance,
Klingons do not use the symbol "tee-ell-aitch," so why would they name such
a thing?)

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