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Re: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

In a message dated 1/25/2002 9:36:23 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> jIyajbe'.  Does {leng} take a direct object, or not?  Even if it does, I 
> would be confused by {New YorkDaq vIlengpu'}, as it seems to be saying "In 
> New York, I travel to it".  Travel to what?

Basically, verbs of motion take a direct object, making use of {-Daq} 
unnecessary, i.e., redundant.

New YorkDaq vIleng could mean "I travelled IN New York."

Considering the original message to which I responded "Travel to what (while 
in New York)?", I do not need to use {-Daq} more than once.  New York Hyde 
ParkDaq jIyIt means I walk in New York's Hyde Park.  New York possesses Hyde 
Park; Klingons do not say New YorkDaq Hyde ParkDaq to indicate that Hyde Park 
is in New York.  Just run the possessive nouns into a series.

In conclusion, I am claiming that New York lengwIj is better than New YorkDaq 
lengwIj for "my New York trip" because Klingons use the possessive noun 


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