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Re: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

jatlh ghunchu'wI':
>ja' peHruS:
>>We just "cannot" have a genitive phrase containing a locative...
>I'm not sure what you mean by this.  I assume you're using "genitive
>phrase" to refer to the noun-noun construction described in TKD section
>3.4, right?  Two of the examples in that section use the locative suffix
>{-Daq}.  It also describes how ideas which in English would use
>prepositions like "above" and "below" are rendered in Klingon using
>noun-noun and "locative" nouns.

peHruS was telling me that my subject line ("New York"Daq lengwIj) was 
incorrect, so I thought he meant that the _first_ noun in the noun-noun 
construction couldn't take -Daq, not that neither of them can.


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