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Klingon WOTD: rach (n)

This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Sunday, January 27, 2002.

Klingon word:   rach
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:     invigorate, fortify, strenghten

Additional Notes:
MSN news group, 10/20/98.

When used in reference to a person, the verb {rach} suggests an improvement in health; when used in reference to an inanimate object, say, a mechanical device or the hull of a ship, {rach} also implies improvement or betterment.

{rach} is to be distinguished from {tI'} "repair" in two ways: (1) {tI'} is generally not applied to living beings; (2) {tI'} suggests restoration to a previous state, not necessarily improvement.  {rach} is also to be distinguished from {Dub} "improve," which seems to be used primarily when what is being enhanced is of a more abstract nature (as when one improves or increases one's status, skill, understanding, etc.).

See also {Dub}, {tI'}.
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