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Re: Klingon WOTD: tlhatlh (n)

>"Spanish" Hol mu' 'oH "gazpacho"'e' 'e' vIHar.

jang Russell:

>Oops, guess I messed up (though hopefully my point
>was clear).  Now what the heck was the Russian dish
>I was thinking of...??

HIja', bIQIjchu'pu'. QaghHom neH 'oH.

"English" Hol wIlo'taHvIS, Soch "letters" ghaj "borscht"; "Cyrillic" tIgh 
wIlo'taHvIS, loS "letters" neH ghaj "borscht": "b", "o", "r" "shch" je.

Yes, you have explained clearly. It was only a small mistake.

In English, we use seven letters to write "borscht", but the Cyrillic 
alphabet uses only four: "b", "o", "r" and "shch".

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


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