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RE: Klingon dialects

> True, but how much has "Enterprise" followed what has
> been already stated in the past 30 years of Star Trek.
>  & I'm talking canon, not non-canon.  "Enterprise" has
> gone so way off track its pathetic,

jIQochbe', 'ach wa' Hogh ret  DuH vItlhoj.  chaq qaSpa' Soch DIS  qun mojHa'
poHvam  qaSmoH wanI' taQ.  qar qun chu'.  qun choHmoHbogh noH'e' yIqaw.

I agree, but last week I realized a possibility.  Perhaps sometime over the
next seven years an anomaly will change this time line.  The new history
will be accurate.  Remember the "temporal cold war".


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