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Re: ? about a word.

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> > Or what about just [ taH'a' vIghro'] "Cat survive?"
> Once again, this is a complete sentence - "Does the
> cat survive?", although <yIntaH'a' vIghro'> would be
> a little more accurate. In any case, this is probably
> the closest suggestion yet to the spirit of
 > Schroedinger's cat.

Thanks.. Nice to know I can get close for once.

I'd used [taH] in this way to try and capture that spirit and follow the "to
be or not to be" idea by turning it into a question..


> I'll make one more:
> yInbejbe'bogh vIghro' - The cat which is uncertainly
> alive.  It's hard to translate into English, but the
> Klingon makes sense.
> All of this seems a bit long for a ship name, though.
> pagh

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