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RE: ? about a word.

lab T'Anna

 > I'm trying to give our ship a Klingon name.  The name
 > of the ship is USS Schrodinger.  Since it was about a
 > cat in a box, whether or not it was alive or dead.  I
 > thought the Klingon word should be Hidden Cat.  Now I
 > have found a word for hide, but is there a word for
 > hidden or is it ok to use "So'" for hidden. Also I
 > can't find a word for cat.  Any opinions, or help
 > would be helpful.

jang DloraH

 > How does a cat in a box fit in with Star Trek?

"Schrodinger's Cat"  qel. QubmeH SengHom noy 'oH.

 > So' is "hide".  It is not "hidden".
 > Did the cat hide itself or did someone/something hide
 > it?
 > Because "hide" is not a stative verb it can't be used as > an adjective, 
so we
 > will need to use the -bogh suffix (Read TKD p63).
 > There is an animal that is similar to a cat.  vIghro'
 > (KGT)
 > If the cat hid itself,        So''eghbogh vIghro'
 > If someone else hide the cat,  vIghro' So'lu'bogh

The example on page 69 of TKD shows that the subject of So' hides itself, 
not something else.

I would suggest <So' vIghro'>  "the cat hides" or, if one insists on naming 
with a noun phrase <So'bogh vIghro'> "the cat which hides".

Other suggestions in keeping with the Schrodinger thought experiment:

<vIghro' tar> "Cat's Poison"
<vIghro' SuQ> "Toxic Cat"
<qoD vIghro'> "The Inside Cat" or "Cat of the Interior"
<SuD vIghro'> "The Cat Gambles" also "The Cat is Blue/Green/Yellow" and a 
reference to a Klingon joke about warriors.

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