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RE: ? about a word.

True, but we do have a shuttle craft by the name of
Schroedinger's cat.  I do like the suggestions given.
Thank you.
--- wrote:
> "T. J. Harrington":
> > I'm trying to give our ship a Klingon name.  The
> name
> > of the ship is USS Schrodinger.  Since it was
> about a
> > cat in a box, whether or not it was alive or dead.
>  I
> > thought the Klingon word should be Hidden Cat. 
> Now I
> > have found a word for hide, but is there a word
> for
> > hidden or is it ok to use "So'" for hidden. Also I
> > can't find a word for cat.  Any opinions, or help
> > would be helpful.
> qe'San:
> > vIghro' = cat like animal
> maj. It's not actually a cat, but it's apparently
> quite close.
> > I'm fairly sure  [vIghro' So'taH] or [vIghro'
> So'lI'] would 
> > be "hidding cat" if So' can be used adjectively..
> Qo'! A verb used as an adjective must describe a
> state or quality, and <So'> does not. Also, the only
> suffixes that are allowed on verbs used as
> adjectives are <-be'>, <-Ha'> and <-qu'>. Note that
> TKD only mentions <-be'>, but canon examples have
> used <-Ha'> and <-qu'>.
> > I don't think hide can take an object??  If it can
> then what 
> > about [vIghro' So'ta'lu'bogh].  That is probably
> completely incorrect.
> Actually, it is quite close. The only problem is
> suffix order: <-ta'> is type seven, and <-lu'> is
> type five, so it needs to be <vIghro'
> So'lu'ta'bogh>.
> > Just thought.... What about using [ngaSwI'] for
> container... 
> > which would mean [ngaSwI'Daq 'oH vIghro''e'] is
> hopefully "cat 
> > in the container" (The cat it is in the container)
> This is actually a comlete sentence - "The vIghro'
> is in the container".
> > Or what about just [ taH'a' vIghro'] "Cat
> survive?"
> Once again, this is a complete sentence - "Does the
> cat survive?", although <yIntaH'a' vIghro'> would be
> a little more accurate. In any case, this is
> probably the closest suggestion yet to the spirit of
> Schroedinger's cat. I'll make one more:
> yInbejbe'bogh vIghro' - The cat which is uncertainly
> alive.  It's hard to translate into English, but the
> Klingon makes sense.
> All of this seems a bit long for a ship name,
> though.
> pagh

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