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RE: "filka" was Re: More puns in new vocab

+AD4- DaH tlhIngan Hol vijatlhbe'. jIlaDlaH 'ej rut vIyaj             +AHs-:-+AHw-

Well, you certainly did a good job.

+AD4- +AD4-chomer+ACE- Polandngan jIH 'ach mu' +ACI-Filka+ACI- vISovbe'. not vIlegh, not vIQoy
+AD4- You surprised me+ACE- I am Polish, but I do not know the work +ACI-Filka+ACI-. I never
+AD4- saw (would +ACI-read+ACI- be better? - A+AD0-I) it, and never heard it.

maj.  To be more exact, +ACI-...I never saw it, I also never heard it.+ACI-

+AD4- +AD4-mu' +ACI-wilga+ACI- vISov neH 'ej mu' +ACI-puchacz+ACI- vISovchu'. +ACI-eagle owl+ACI- 'oS
+AD4- I know the word +ACI-wilga+ACI-, and also the word +ACI-puchacz+ACI- I certainly know. It
+AD4- means +ACI-eagle owl+ACI-

You forget the +AHs-neH+AH0-, added an +AHs-also+AH0-, used +AHs-certainly+AH0-(-bej) instead of
+AHs-perfectly, completely+AH0-(-chu'), and the +AHs-it+AH0- I believe should have been the
+AHs-puchacz+AH0- in the next line.

--I only know the word +ACI-wilga+ACI-, and I perfectly know the word +ACI-puchacz+ACI-.
+ACI-puchacz+ACI- means +ACI-eagle owl+ACI-.--

+AD4- +AD4AIg-puchacz+ACI-. 'ach jIchIDnIS: bo'Deghmey pongmey vISovchu'be'. chaq
+AD4- +ACI-puchacz+ACI-. However, I must admit: of course, I do not
+AD4- know (bo'Deghmey - vIyajbe') names (proper?). Possibly, in the +ACI-Mazowsze+ACI-

bo'Degh is the general term for +ACI-bird+ACI-.

+AD4- +AD4-yoSDaq +ACo-puchacz+ACo-vaD +ADw-filka+AD4- ponglu'. Daj ngoDvam 'e' vItu' jIH.  chay'
+AD4- area, they call +ACI-puchacz+ACI- +ACI-filka+ACI-. I find this fact interesting. How

+AD4- +AD4-mu'meyvam DaSov?
+AD4- did you know these words?


+AD4- Everything correct? Please excuse me, I will reply in English. I am still
+AD4- not certain about my tlhIngan Hol, and I +AF8-hate+AF8- looking inferior

You don't have to worry about looking inferior.  You did a very good job.

+AD4- By the way, WarszawaDaq jIpaw Feb 04, BerlinDaq Feb 05, ParisDaq
+AD4- Feb 06. pa' tu'lu' 'Iv?

The destination that you are arriving at is the direct object of +AHs-paw+AH0-.  The
noun with -Daq is the medium, instrument, or place which you are in/on when
you do the arriving+ADs- example: a ship.
Time stamps go at the beginning.

Feb 04  Warszawa vIpaw ...

The subject of tu' is handled by -lu', and 'Iv is the object.

pa' 'Iv tu'lu'?

DloraH, BG

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